Can’t postnatal exercise just be a little more thought out??

Ok, so you guys have all heard me rant a bit about what I feel is inappropriate exercise for the postnatal population. It is always a challenge to get it right – to find the Goldilocks zone, where you are putting good load through the tissues and creating strength and mobility…but not too much that it causes damage.

I spoke to another lady this week who is 12 weeks postnatal and has been doing sessions with her personal trainer since 6 weeks postnatal. She had a c-section, there was no assessment and bam…she was doing running, burpees, crunches, planks…the whole nine yards. Now, I have nothing against these kinds of exercises – as a martial artist and someone who just generally enjoys my exercises being a little more towards the hard-core end of the spectrum, I totally get it. I like to feel a burn. I want to leave an exercise session feeling like I’ve done something.

So ladies, I hear ya. Some of you just want to get a sweat on, to feel that you are achieving something, to feel that you are on the road to recovery. Because it is a recovery – you just went through 9 months of growing a baby and then you birthed it. Any which way your baby came out into the world you still need to recover from that process!

So I jumped in front of my computer (with my new whiteboard – exciting!) and created this little twelve minute video just for you. I hope that you can use it to plan your postnatal rehabilitation. If you need help, drop me a line! I can help you via skype or (if you live in Perth) in person.


Gadgets for improving pelvic floor strength, pain and sex life!

Have you seen the cracking articles online these days about pelvic floor strengthening gadgets and tools, made famous (apparently) by one of the Fifty Shades books?

Now I personally am all for women taking control of their sex lives and seeking out knowledge and tools to help them out with this. But…(and it is a big but) how do we know which products are of good quality? How do we know what size we need or what kind of device would suit us best? What do we do if we need advice on how to use our new product?

This week I asked Fiona Rogers, from  to talk to me about the products that she sells that can help women with a weak pelvic floor, painful intercourse and incontinence. I have to say that Fiona is such an amazing resource and was SO easy to interview. Her decades of experience as a physiotherapist and her passion for helping women was evident in this interview.

(yes, she is holding a vibrator in the photo!)


Here is what we talked about:

0.00    Introduction to Fiona Rogers, her clinical experience and her online store (

7.16     Who shops at the website? How is it different to shopping on ebay or at a sex shop?

10.25   The categories of products that you can buy on the website.

14.10   Products you can buy that can help you strengthen your pelvic floor.

  • balls, weights, pelvic floor educators, PFX2
  • how to use these products

31.38  Products for those who need stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles (eg nerve / muscle damage or pelvic floor overactivity) – to be used in conjunction with advice from a health professional

33.05  Heavier weights for pelvic floor training (PelviBar)

34.24  For those who like high tech devices (Elvie)

37.20   If you have pelvic pain and need some extra help (dilators, vibrators)

45.30  Comparing different types and brands of lubrication

50.40  For those who have incontinence and need some extra support (Contiform)

52.30  If you have a rectal prolapse and need help emptying your bowels (Femmeze)


Please share this post far and wide so that we can let women know that they that these products exist! There is no need to suffer in silence. With the help of a Women’s Health Physiotherapist (and sometimes a device like those shown in the video), women can often get back to doing the things in life that they enjoy…

and have a little fun in the process ;)