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Eating for Breastfeeding

Between the lack of sleep, constant nursing, & endless hours spent soothing, eating well (or at all) can easily end up on the bottom of the priority list for postpartum mamas. Eating well is extremely important while healing from birth & nourishing an infant. One of my favourite things to do is study breast milk composition (using index finger to push up my nerd glasses). The nutrients in breast milk are a priceless indication of what we need in order to nourish our babies.
Let’s take a look…

Getting back into sport after Pregnancy

Getting back into sport (and sex!) after Pregnancy, with the health of women’s health physiotherapy

On Monday 3rd August, I was fortunate to find myself in sunny Brisbane and I took the opportunity to interview Lori Forner, Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapist. I wanted to ask her all the basics about what these clinicians do and how they help women.
Who is this video for?

◦Any health or fitness professional who deals with the antenatal or postnatal population (including GPs, physiotherapists and personal trainers)

◦Anyone who suspects or knows that they have some kind of pelvic floor problem and isn’t sure if physiotherapy can help

◦Women who want to run or play sport again after giving birth