10 tips for dealing with pelvic organ prolapse

As some of you are aware, a little while back I conducted a survey of women who had been diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. I was thrilled to receive over ONE HUNDRED responses in just a few shorts days! Many of the participants came via a wonderful Facebook group called POP Fitness. This group was […]

How to relieve constipation in pregnancy

Recently I went on a bit of a search for blog posts on constipation in pregnancy. A client in my Pregnancy Exercise class wanted tips on how to relieve constipation and there wasn’t a lot of time to go through the advice in  class. I had a good search in google and on YouTube and […]

Finding purpose with prolapse (interview with Kylianne Farrell)

I’ve got to admit …this was one of my favourite interviews. (and yes…I was a little misty-eyed at the end. I could lie and say that I had been cutting onions, but I must admit that I got a little emotional). Why did I love this interview so much? In part it was just because […]

Pineapple and Bananas

Do we need supplements in pregnancy?

Do we need supplements in pregnancy? If so, what should we be taking and why? I asked Lily Nichols these questions as well as how to make eating real food easier in our busy lives!

Common misconceptions around nutrition in pregnancy

Lily Nichols, the Pilates Nutritionist, talks about some of the common misconceptions surrounding nutrition in pregnancy and where some of the guidelines are perhaps not quite up to date with the science!

The top 5 questions I get asked about exercise in pregnancy

As a physiotherapist who teaches exercise to women who are pregnant or just had a baby, I get asked many questions about the ins and outs of exercise. Most women are aware that exercise is probably good for them in pregnancy, but just aren’t sure how to go about it. Is it good for me? […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse – is it all about the diagnosis?

Does our language matter when it comes to working with women with pelvic organ prolapse?

What you need to know about the early days post C-section…

C-section recovery advice is often pretty rubbish. It just amazes me that my clients get given a couple of token exercises and then are told don’t lift anything for 6 weeks (ummm…what about my baby?) don’t drive for 4-6 weeks after 6 weeks, just “gradually get back into doing what you did before”   Now, […]