Can’t postnatal exercise just be a little more thought out??

Ok, so you guys have all heard me rant a bit about what I feel is inappropriate exercise for the postnatal population. It is always a challenge to get it right – to find the Goldilocks zone, where you are putting good load through the tissues and creating strength and mobility…but not too much that it […]

Gadgets for improving pelvic floor strength, pain and sex life!

Have you seen the cracking articles online these days about pelvic floor strengthening gadgets and tools, made famous (apparently) by one of the Fifty Shades books? Now I personally am all for women taking control of their sex lives and seeking out knowledge and tools to help them out with this. But…(and it is a big […]

Some of my favourites…

The story of my back pain (the hardest blog I’ve ever written)

Ok, so this post has been one YEAR in the making. Yep, a whole year to get myself together to write this. Every time I have sat down to write about how I recovered from back pain, I have stopped myself. You see, when you have experienced agonising pain that has affected your job, lifestyle, […]

Diabetic Blood Test

Exercise for gestational diabetes – the essentials

This week I had the pleasure of interview Esme Soan, an exercise physiologist from Brisbane (Australia) about the role of exercise in the management of gestational diabetes (GD). I know from my research and from my client’s experiences, that exercise can be VERY beneficial (in addition to dietary changes) for women with GD. But what KIND of exercise is ideal? HOW MUCH? HOW INTENSE? HOW OFTEN? These are the kinds of questions that people want to know the answers to.

Pet peeves about exercise in pregnancy…and more

Recently I had the honour of being asked by the Canadian Women’s Health division to answer some questions for their newsletter entitled “Exercise is Medicine”.
They had some great questions and here are my answers…

Do we need strong abdominal muscles for birth?

Recently a client of mine had signed on to an app which told her to start doing side planks as they “can be a great way to strengthen your abdominals and core for delivery.” This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard fitness and health professionals recommend abdominal strengthening exercises for birth. It really puzzled me – why do we need strong abdominal muscles for birth?

Should I be doing side planks in pregnancy?

I recently received a message from a client who is 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She has signed on to an app which gives regular updates on the progression of her pregnancy, including exercises that she should do at each stage. Should she be following it’s advice?