Why why why?

I am not much for ranting… but I do on occasion rant about things that are on my mind. Donald Trump has certainly brought up some decent monologues this week.

Anyway…I digress

Last week I had a new client attend my pregnancy class and she mentioned that she has low back pain which was aggravated by postnatal exercise after her first baby. Naturally I was curious and asked her to share her experience with the group.

Does it matter where you give birth?

Did you know that you have multiple options for where you can give birth? Have you considered that not all places will have the same equipment, protocols, support structures?

Do you love to run and also love your pelvic floor?

Today I had a great chat with Julie Wiebe, a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles who combines the two worlds of sports and women’s health physical therapy. I really wanted to pick Julie’s brain about exercise and the pelvic floor, as she loves working with athletes and has a passion for getting women back to doing all the things that love doing, despite having a history of incontinence or prolapse.

Can exercise in pregnancy help prevent the tummy muscle gap?

Can exercise in pregnancy help prevent the tummy muscle gap? How common is the gap and does it matter anyway?
We discuss what it is, how often it occurs, and a look at what studies involving exercise and diastasis.

What does a new mum really need? (Gift ideas!)

I did a little survey of some new (and not so new) Mums to get their thoughts on the matter, and asked them which 3 things that couldn’t do without as a new mum. These were the most popular responses – in no particular order. I’ve added my thoughts and experiences in here too…

Let’s talk about sex…

Susan Clinton answers the common questions that people have regarding sex during pregnancy and after the birth.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain is pretty darn common – according to the WHO 20% of women have some kind of pelvic pain. Here I talk with Amy Stein about what it feels like, why you should see a doctor, and the treatments available.

Pregnant woman with heartburn

Heartburn in Pregnancy

Dr. Michelle Sands talks about Heartburn in Pregnancy, natural remedies to relieve it, and how to avoid it.