Communication with your baby

I’ve been a new mum and I know how exciting it is taking our children to singing classes, baby signing, baby gym…and many other fun mother and baby activities. But can these activities assist with communication and language development in our baby?

Top sleep tips from a baby whisperer

Struggling to get your baby to sleep? Looking for some simple strategies that you can implement straight away to help your baby learn the difference between day and night? Want to learn more about self settling and how to use a dummy/ pacifier effectively?

Diabetic Blood Test

Gestational Diabetes – a Real Food Approach versus Conventional Nutrition

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Lily Nichols (aka the Pilates Nutritionist), who is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and diabetes educator from the USA. Lily has not only helped hundreds of women with gestational diabetes manage their blood sugar levels through dietary changes and exercise guidance, but has also worked at the public policy level helping the Californian government write the current guidelines related to this condition.

Wrist and Hand Conditions in the Pregnant/Postnatal Population

Are you pregnant and suffering pain or pins and needles in the hand? Are you a new mum suffering from wrist and thumb pain? Check out this info

Workout with your pram or buggy

Got an unsettled baby? Trying to fit in an exercise program while at the park with your baby?
Here is a little work out you can do at home or outside, whilst rocking your baby in his/her pram.

When can I start running after having a baby?

Ooohhh….the million dollar question. As a physiotherapist working with the postnatal population, I get asked this a lot. My answer is always…it depends.
Gosh, that is a bit vague isn’t? Let’s discuss some of the variables that we need to consider.

Eating for Breastfeeding

Between the lack of sleep, constant nursing, & endless hours spent soothing, eating well (or at all) can easily end up on the bottom of the priority list for postpartum mamas. Eating well is extremely important while healing from birth & nourishing an infant. One of my favourite things to do is study breast milk composition (using index finger to push up my nerd glasses). The nutrients in breast milk are a priceless indication of what we need in order to nourish our babies.
Let’s take a look…

Getting back into sport after Pregnancy

Getting back into sport (and sex!) after Pregnancy, with the health of women’s health physiotherapy

On Monday 3rd August, I was fortunate to find myself in sunny Brisbane and I took the opportunity to interview Lori Forner, Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapist. I wanted to ask her all the basics about what these clinicians do and how they help women.
Who is this video for?

◦Any health or fitness professional who deals with the antenatal or postnatal population (including GPs, physiotherapists and personal trainers)

◦Anyone who suspects or knows that they have some kind of pelvic floor problem and isn’t sure if physiotherapy can help

◦Women who want to run or play sport again after giving birth