How to relieve constipation in pregnancy

Recently I went on a bit of a search for blog posts on constipation in pregnancy.

A client in my Pregnancy Exercise class wanted tips on how to relieve constipation and there wasn’t a lot of time to go through the advice in  class. I had a good search in google and on YouTube and even reached out to the Women’s Health Physiotherapy community for advice on where to find good resources online.

But I came up empty!!

So rather than get annoyed, I thought I’d just jump on a call with the amazing Jessica Drummond and see if she would share her tips with us.

For those that don’t know Jessica, she is an incredible physical therapist based in Connecticut, who combines nutrition and lifestyle advice with more traditional physical therapy treatment modalities.

In the interview, we discuss her clinical role with patients as well as how she is now an educator of health and fitness professionals around the globe through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute. You can see her passion for these topics coming through in our conversation around hormonal imbalances!


What did we talk about?

0 mins –  In the introduction, we learn more about Jessica’s story – how her own experiences with adrenal fatigue took her on a journey that not only changed her health but also her career. We hear about how Jessica used nutrition and lifestyle modifications to heal her body and leave her feeling better than she had every felt before!

16 mins – We discuss the response of clients and other health professionals to applying a more holistic approach to dealing with conditions such as pelvic pain.

20 minsWhat is constipation? What is normal in terms of how often we empty our bowels? We learn more about the technical definition of constipation versus what might be considered more optimal bowel habits.

23 mins – Why do women suffer from constipation in pregnancy? Here Jessica discusses some of the reasons why women get constipated – and it isn’t just the hormones!

26 minsHow can you relieve or prevent constipation in pregnancy? Here we dive into the treatment options which include things like self massage, nutritional advice and lifestyle strategies. Yes, we discuss iron supplementation too!

33 minsWhat is the best way to poop? We talk about tips for positioning and relaxing the pelvic floor so you can have an easier poop!

37 minsWhat if you have an acute episode of constipation? Here I have a TMI moment and talk about my episode of painful acute constipation in early pregnancy and ask Jessica what she recommends for clients.

40 mins – rounding up the interview, we talk about how to find Jessica and we discuss all the amazing online programs that she has created – from relieving pelvic pain to balancing hormones. We also have a chat about the importance of appropriate nutrient stores and base fitness levels prior to pregnancy. Honestly we probably could have chatted for another hour or two on this, but it was getting late in the evening for me and Jessica needed to go see clients!


To learn more about Jessica, head to her website and sign up for her email list NOW!

Integrative Women’s Health Institute


Do we need supplements in pregnancy?

I have mixed feelings about supplementation.

On the one hand, I think that they are super important for people who are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, I think that there are some brands that are of such poor quality that they probably aren’t worth taking.

But what do I know about supplements? …I’m just a physio.

So, I asked my nutrition guru buddy Lily Nichols. I reckon what she doesn’t know about nutrition and pregnancy could probably fit on a postage stamp. This lady loves to read the science (she’s even nerdier than me!) and had over 900 (!!) references in her new book on Real Food for Pregnancy.

I also asked her to give some tips on how to make eating real food easier…cos let’s face it, it’s so much easier to order a pizza (mmm…pizza!).


If you would like to get Lily’s book, it is available on Amazon.


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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Lily Nichols (aka the Pilates Nutritionist), who is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and diabetes educator from the USA. Lily has not only helped hundreds of women with gestational diabetes manage their blood sugar levels through dietary changes and exercise guidance, but has also worked at the public policy level helping the Californian government write the current guidelines related to this condition.

Eating for Breastfeeding

Between the lack of sleep, constant nursing, & endless hours spent soothing, eating well (or at all) can easily end up on the bottom of the priority list for postpartum mamas. Eating well is extremely important while healing from birth & nourishing an infant. One of my favourite things to do is study breast milk composition (using index finger to push up my nerd glasses). The nutrients in breast milk are a priceless indication of what we need in order to nourish our babies.
Let’s take a look…