Finding purpose with prolapse (interview with Kylianne Farrell)

I’ve got to admit …this was one of my favourite interviews.

(and yes…I was a little misty-eyed at the end. I could lie and say that I had been cutting onions, but I must admit that I got a little emotional).

Why did I love this interview so much?

In part it was just because Kylianne is just a lovely person to talk to – we could have chatted for hours and hours. But also I just loved hearing about her journey in living with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and how she has created an incredible business helping other women.

When I talk to Kylianne I am reminded of how POP is influenced by so many things – not just the muscles and connective tissue (something I discussed in this recent video), but also things like stress, support networks (or lack thereof), sleep and general health.

I feel like women do need more emotional support when dealing with a diagnosis like POP, but this doesn’t always seem to be possible within the health care system. We need to get better at finding ways to support women …

So, hope you enjoy the video and definitely go and check out her website and FB page below!

Some classic statements from KA:

“You have prolapse, you are NOT prolapse”

“Don’t pin your happiness on the healing of your prolapse”



To learn more about Kylianne, you can follow her on FB and learn more through her website.

The Movement Room website

Facebook page

If you want to learn more about Robin Kerr and Ian O’Dwyer, you can head to their websites.

Robin Kerr – Alchemy in Motion

Ian O’Dwyer – OD on Movement

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