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Ok, so here on International Women’s Day, I feel the need to give a shout out to those who I think are making a big difference in the areas of women’s health and fitness. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are tons of people out there all doing their thing to help improve women’s health and quality of life (many who are not too active on social media).

Here are some of my favourites to follow (in no particular order):

  1. Jennifer Campbell – Mama Lion Strong herself has joined up with like-minded colleagues to form Healthy Habits Happy Mums, which consists of a Facebook group and several online programs designed to help women break away from the shackles of dieting and learn about self-love (as well as getting a good workout!). HHHM Facebook group is a wonderful support network for women, with over 25k members!
  2. Julie Wiebe – is a physiotherapist from LA who blends the worlds of sports, paediatrics and women’s health physiotherapy remarkably well! She has online education programs for health and fitness professionals, as well as so much wonderful free blog and video content. Do yourself a favour and join her email list!
  3. Milli Hill – mother of three and founder of the Positive Birth Movement, Milli Hill is definitely someone to follow. Her desire to start up a grass roots movement and spread positivity around birth has taken off, with positive birth meet ups available in most major cities around the globe. She regularly writes for newspapers too…oh and has just released her new book “The Positive Birth Book”. I haven’t read it, but I am definitely keen to get my hands on a copy this year. I teach some of the concepts surrounding Positive Birth in my online course as well as in my regular classes.
  4. Antony Lo – it might seem odd to have a man’s name in the list, but I do think Antony has done a lot for women’s health in Australia and around the globe. He has not only made it acceptable for men to talk openly about pelvic health issues, but has educated health and fitness professionals on how to train women to higher levels of achievement. He finds ways of making “no, you can’t ever do that” to “yeah you can do that, but let’s just make some changes here.”
  5. Heba Shebeed – a big congratulations to Heba today as she welcomes her baby into the world on International Women’s Day…supported by a fully female obstetric team! Heba is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Health Coach who is very vocal on social media in supporting women to get access to more holistic healthcare in their management of endometriosis. She also helps women with other forms of pelvic pain, incontinence and sexual dysfunction.
  6. Lori Forner – Lori flies under the radar a bit as she is too busy to spend crazy amounts of time on social media. She is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist in Brisbane and (along with Antony Lo) runs the Pelvic Health Podcast, educating health and fitness professionals around the globe about all things pelvic! She is also an avid crossfitter and posts great tips on Instagram (Pelvic WOD) on how to adapt your technique or the exercise in order to make it more pelvic floor friendly.
  7. Natalie Meddings – I had the good fortune of meeting Natalie when I lived in London. She just happened to run the Active Birth Yoga classes down the road from my house, so I attended them when pregnant with my son. Natalie is a doula as well as a yoga instructor, and she runs the wonderful website and FB page “Tell me a good birth story” which aims to share good birth stories but also partner women up with other women so that they can share their thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  8. Tracy Sher – Tracy is a bit of a powerhouse in the USA, running her own clinic (Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, Orlando) as well as Pelvic Guru, a company that provides blogs on pelvic health as well as education programs for health professionals. Tracy runs a mentoring program, in person education courses and also supports other health professionals in running courses in pelvic health.
  9. Jenny Burrell – Jenny is a fitness professional with around 20 years experience working with women. She runs online and in-person education sessions, providing in-depth content on training pre and postnatal clients, working with the perimenopausal population, massage in pregnancy and so much more. Although based in the UK, she can sometimes be tempted to travel to teach… ;)
  10. Brianna Battles – Brianna is a strength and conditioning expert who, through her own  pregnancy and postnatal experiences, ended up working in the area of perinatal health and fitness. She runs online courses for the general public, as well as fitness professionals who are keen to better serve this population.
  11. Molly Galbraith– as one of the founders of Girls Gone Strong, Molly is keen to create a community of women who embrace their bodies and feel strong and powerful. GGS provides online products as well as coaching programs, but you will not find shake diets and boot camps in there! The group promote evidence based, sustainable advice to enhance long term health and wellness.
  12. Fiona Rogers – Fiona is a highly experienced Womens Health Physiotherapist, based in Brisbane (Australia). She runs – your one-stop shop for all the tools and gadgets you’ll ever need! Vibrators, vaginal probes, lubricant, Therawands, vagina weights…you name it, she probably has it. But it isn’t just the variety of stock that Fiona has that sets her apart – it is the personal service that she provides. With her years of clinical experience, she can help other clinicians or women in the general public make the best choice in their purchase.
  13. Tracy Donegan – Midwife and founder of Gentle Birth Method, Tracy has been supporting women in Ireland and around the globe in having more positive birth experiences. She has an app that women can sign on to that provides meditation and mindfulness training in pregnancy. She also runs workshops for mums, a busy FB group and education for birth trainers.
  14. Maria Elliot – Maria is a London-based Women’s Health Physiotherapist who has a special interest in postnatal health and chronic pelvic pain. She created the Mummy MOT – a postnatal assessment program that is utilised by physiotherapists around the UK.
  15. Sandy Hilton – Sandy is a pelvic health physiotherapist based in Chicago, USA. As well as being a busy clinician, Sandy also co-hosts the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast. “Sandy brings science and common sense together beautifully to help people learn to help themselves.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!
  16. Susan Coel Clinton – Susan is based in Pennsylvania and also specialises in Women’s Health and Orthopaedics. Susan is a fascinating person to listen to (I have interviewed her and so have the Pelvic Health Podcast)  as she manages to blend neurology, pain science, singing, humour..and so much more. This is one very clever lady, who has such a unique approach to physiotherapy that she is always worth chatting to if you can!
  17. Michelle Wright– Mish is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world in Australia. She is a personal trainer, educator and writer, blending that skillset together to produce a thriving business in Melbourne (MishFit) as well as also creating the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit, an annual event providing high quality education to those health and fitness professionals who serve the female population.

Gosh I could keep going and going – there are so many more to mention (Sami Cattach, Kylieanne Turton, Esme Soan to name a few more), but I have to go and child wrangle.

Who is on your favourites list?

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