Workout with your pram or buggy

(and a Physiotherapist!)

Want to do a workout with your baby while he is in his pram/buggy?

When we become mums, somehow multitasking becomes second nature. I have discovered that I can cook, yell and text simultaneously. I have to admit that neither of those tasks  are probably being performed to their best ability (apart from maybe the yelling bit!) but they get done nonetheless.

One thing that new mums tell me is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. They groan when their partners come home from work and ask “What DO you do all day?”

But I’ve been there…and I get it. It is really tough being a mum to little people. Even when there are the best of intentions, it is so difficult to prioritise exercise and other aspects of self care (such as showering and going to the toilet along!).

That is why I made this video for you guys.

Got an unsettled baby? This is an exercise program you can do while rocking the baby in his/her pram.

Got to get out and get some fresh air? This little work out can be done outside in the garden or down at the local park. You can watch it on your mobile phone and work along with me!

The workout is less than 15 mins and gives some lovely full body stretches, as well as working out the leg and back muscles. I hope you enjoy!

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