It’s time to get stretching!

Many women complain of back aches and stiffness during pregnancy and the postnatal period, and find that even a very brief session of stretching is extremely beneficial. I have created a little video just for you – you can do it at home every day if you like. You don’t need any equipment for this – I have demonstrated while sitting on a fitball but you can easily do this sitting on a regular chair. Feeling stiff at work? Why not incorporate some of these stretches into your daily routine?

It’s time to start becoming more body aware. How do you feel in your spine? How do you feel after you have stretched? Do you notice a difference? If so, take the initiative and get yourself a routine. Don’t wait for class and don’t wait until you have pain. I’ve had many clients say to me that they feel so much better after doing a pilates class and I truly believe that these simple stretches are the answer. What are you waiting for…? GET ON IT!


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