Can’t postnatal exercise just be a little more thought out??

Ok, so you guys have all heard me rant a bit about what I feel is inappropriate exercise for the postnatal population. It is always a challenge to get it right – to find the Goldilocks zone, where you are putting good load through the tissues and creating strength and mobility…but not too much that it causes damage.

I spoke to another lady this week who is 12 weeks postnatal and has been doing sessions with her personal trainer since 6 weeks postnatal. She had a c-section, there was no assessment and bam…she was doing running, burpees, crunches, planks…the whole nine yards. Now, I have nothing against these kinds of exercises – as a martial artist and someone who just generally enjoys my exercises being a little more towards the hard-core end of the spectrum, I totally get it. I like to feel a burn. I want to leave an exercise session feeling like I’ve done something.

So ladies, I hear ya. Some of you just want to get a sweat on, to feel that you are achieving something, to feel that you are on the road to recovery. Because it is a recovery – you just went through 9 months of growing a baby and then you birthed it. Any which way your baby came out into the world you still need to recover from that process!

So I jumped in front of my computer (with my new whiteboard – exciting!) and created this little twelve minute video just for you. I hope that you can use it to plan your postnatal rehabilitation. If you need help, drop me a line! I can help you via skype or (if you live in Perth) in person.


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