Common misconceptions around nutrition in pregnancy

“Don’t eat fat – you’ll put on too much weight”

“You need lots of milk to build strong bones”

“You need to eat twice as much when you’re pregnant – you’re eating for two now!”

“You need lots of carbs to grow a baby”


You’ve probably heard a few of these statements made in relation to eating in pregnancy. But what is real? What is just old news? (Or “fake news” hehe).

Lily Nichols (aka the Pilates Nutritionist) took time out of her crazy busy schedule to talk to me about some of the science around things like:

  • macro and micronutrient recommendations in pregnancy
  • why fat is important to consume in pregnancy
  • why eggs are good for you!
  • how to lower your risk of listeria (and it may not be what you think!)
  • how the guidelines are (very slowly) evolving to take into account the scientific research

Lily is a research nut – she has over 900 (!!) references in her new book. She has read just about everything that you can read when it comes to nutrition in pregnancy. She has done all the hard work for you, cutting through the science and summarising it for you in one spot.

Part two of the interview, where we cover supplementation and how to easily add real food to your diet, can be found here.


If you are pregnant, or a health professional who wants to learn more about real food in pregnancy, you can go and get Lily’s book on Amazon.


(NB – the max carbohydrate load recommended in the Czech Republic is 200g, not 100g.)

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