Do you love to run and also love your pelvic floor?

 Well, this interview was a fun one for me, and I think anyone who loves exercise and has had a baby (or is about to!) will find this particularly interesting.

Today I had a great chat with Julie Wiebe, a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles who combines the two worlds of sports and women’s health physical therapy.

I really wanted to pick Julie’s brain about exercise and the pelvic floor, as she loves working with athletes and has a passion for getting women back to doing all the things that love doing, despite having a history of incontinence or prolapse. She uses her problem solving skills alongside her years of clinical experience to try and figure out how she can improve symptoms and performance in her clients.

Julie works as a clinician in LA, but also teaches physical therapists and fitness professionals all things pelvic floor and sport, via her online and in-person courses.

Here are some of the gems we covered in this interview:

  • why some postural changes in pregnancy are NORMAL and when it becomes problematic.
  • how posture affects breathing and the pelvic floor
  • Julie’s special “ski-jump” trick and how it can be used to get access the pelvic floor
  • why breathing is important…(beyond the obvious!)
  • what breathing has to do with constipation
  • why running patterns can have an affect on the pelvic floor and what you can do to change yours if you are leaking
  • why doing dead bugs (the exercise!) may not be sports specific enough for you as an athlete and why we need to think more about exercise prescription
  • signs from your body that it isn’t coping well with the exercises you are doing (when to seek help)

You can find Julie Wiebe at

For the health and fitness professionals – check out Julie’s online courses if you want to up-skill.

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