Top sleep tips from a baby whisperer

baby-21098_1280I teach pregnancy and postnatal pilates, so I have the pleasure of spending lots of time with new mums. It’s always interesting to listen to what they discuss in class – their concerns, joys, anxieties and excitement. One discussion that has been particularly frequent of late is “oh my goodness, I’m so tired – when is my baby going to sleep?!!!”

Of course I am a just a physiotherapist and mother of two – I am no sleep expert! I can only discuss what worked for me and my friends, but to be honest I find the conversation around sleep to be fraught with anxiety and guilt.

  • What is normal? Should she be sleeping through the night by now?
  • What happens if my baby is sleep deprived for months – will it affect her development?
  • I don’t want to let him cry it out but am I making things worse by going in a cuddling him?
  • Am I ruining his sleep by letting him use a dummy?
  • I’ve heard formula fed babies sleep better – should I wean off the breast?


When I hear all these questions, I feel myself backing away…. I honestly don’t know the answers and do not feel remotely qualified to offer advice. But these questions are also really familiar to me , as I remember having the same thoughts when my children were young.

Enter Amanda Bude


Amanda is a sleep consultant, midwife, hypnobirthing instructor, infant massage instructor and mother of 3. This lady is awesome.


She has a business called Groovy Babies, based in Queensland, which offers parents sleep consultations. She takes a holistic look at the whole family unit and helps by giving families structured advice on routines, settling techniques, food, environment and so much more.


I took a bunch of questions from my clients to Amanda – some of these questions may resonate with you, so watch the video, share with your friends and enjoy!


If you have any questions for Amanda, you can reach her at She does consultations via Skype too, so if you aren’t based in Queensland you can still get help!

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