Does it matter where you give birth?

Did you put as much research into your midwife/obstetrician as you did when buying your latest computer / lawnmower / (enter expensive household toy here!)?

If you are anything like most women, the answer is “no”.

Did you know that you have multiple options for where you can give birth?

Have you considered that not all places will have the same equipment, protocols, support structures?

If you are pregnant, or planning on become pregnant in the near future, then this interview is essential listening.

I asked Pip Wynn Owen to talk about the environment in which we give birth and why it is so important.

Birth in a Manger

Available options will vary where you live

Pip is a hypnobirthing instructor, midwife and childbirth educator. She runs Birth Savvy and Perth Hypnobirthing – two highly successful businesses located in Perth, Australia.

In Perth we see that many of our clients find out that they are pregnant, pop in to see the GP and then if they have health insurance they go down Route A, and if they don’t have health insurance then they get directed down Route B. Many are not informed of all the different options for birth, nor do they ask about them.
So this is what Pip and I talked about:

  • some of the common options for where to give birth in Australia and how to do your research
  • things to look our for when choosing where to give birth and who to support you
  • some questions you should ask your obstetrician/midwife during appointments
  • what to do if you change your mind (is it too late?)
  • how to develop a positive relationship with your care giver so that you can enter birth with total confidence of the team around you

Watch ….and enjoy.

Remember that the right place for YOU to give birth is not necessarily the same as your friend, sister, aunty or mother. Some women feel safer in hospital. Others feel that a birth centre or at home is best for them. There is no right or wrong with this – that is why we have OPTIONS!

If you want to learn about HOW to adapt the environment so that you can feel safe and relaxed in labour, make sure you join Pregnancy Club . We discuss this and so much more in our education program.

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